Klargester Treatment Plants
Klargester Sewage Treatment Plant Servicing and Repairs

Klargester Sewage Treatment Plant Servicing

GAR Construction service and repair Kingspan Klargester BioDisc Sewage Treatment Systems. We are sewage treatment plant specialists based in Droitwich, Worcestershire and our service engineers cover the whole of the West Midlands, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire areas. Alongside servicing Klargester Sewage Treatment Systems we also install new treatment plants and systems. For advice, or a free site survey please get in touch.

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Klargester Treatment System Maintenance

It is important that your sewage treatment plant is emptied, serviced regularly and correctly maintained, not only to comply with environmental legislation but also to avoid serious health hazards and local pollution risks.
Klargester BioDisc Sewage Treatment Systems
We are experienced with all models of Kingspan Sewage Treatment Plants including:

  • Klargester BioDisc Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Klargester BioFicient Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Klargester BioTec BTA Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant

Kingspan Klargester Treatment Plant provides an extremely safe, efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution to sewage disposal. All Kingspan Sewage Treatment systems are third-party tested to BSEN12566-3 and CE marked and they meet local Environment Agency and regulatory requirements for process efficiency and final effluent quality.

Maintenance of your Kingspan Klargester Sewage Treatment System for the user relies on ensuring you get your treatment plant emptied and serviced regularly and also on following some simple do’s and don’ts.

Your treatment plant uses natural microorganisms (Biomass) to break down pollutants and many household chemicals kill these microorganisms. Do not put disinfectant, bleach or neat cleaning products down the sinks or drains. Do not pour weedkiller, insecticides and fungicides into the system as well as paint, paint thinner, white spirit etc into the drains. Avoid putting food waste down the sink or oil and fast. Excessive use of biological washing powder should be avoided. No nappies, wet wipes, sanitary items and earbuds down the toilet.

Look out for bad odours as these could indicate a problem. Get your system emptied and de-sludged regularly. Arrange for a Sewage Treatment Plant Engineer to service your system in accordance with guidelines.

Kingspan Sewage Treatment Plant Servicing

Regular Klargester Treatment Plant Servicing

If you have a Kingspan Klargester Sewage Treatment System you will need to have your treatment plant emptied and services regularly. To book a service and de-sludge please contact GAR Construction.

Annual Service of your Sewage Treatment System

It is important to have the annual service for your Kingspan Plant System carried out by a professional Sewage Treatment Plant Engineer. Gar Construction will de-sludge your Primary and Final Settlement Tank and carry out a health check on your system to make sure it is operating well, is non-polluting and complies with environmental legislation requirements.
Annual Service of your Sewage Treatment System

Klargester Treatment Plant Problems

Kingspan Klargester Systems are amongst the most reliable on the market, but sometimes things go wrong. In the event of a breakdown or if you encounter any problems, such as a foul smell, please get in touch with Gar Construction for assistance. We will arrange to visit, diagnose the fault and make a repair. In some cases the fault could be covered by a Klargester warranty.

Having your Kingspan system serviced regularly by an experienced sewage treatment engineer means that checks are made to a number of components of your system for signs of wear and tear and this can help prevent any future problems from occurring.