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Sewage Treatment Plant Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs

Treatment Plant Servicing

If your home or business uses a sewage treatment plant, a pump station, or a septic tank to remove and treat the wastewater that is produced by your property, you’ll need regular maintenance of your treatment system.

Manufacturers of sewage treatment systems recommend that your treatment plant is serviced and maintained annually to ensure everything is working properly and in compliance with environmental legislation.

We are WTE approved sewage treatment plant service engineers and contractors covering the Worcestershire, Herefordshire, and Shropshire area.

Treatment Plant Engineers

Whether your sewage treatment plant has developed a fault or needs serving – we can help with every aspect of your sewage treatment system.

  • Sewage Treatment Plant Servicing
  • Annual Service Checks
  • Treatment Plant Maintenance
  • Treatment Plant Repairs
  • No Call Out Charges
  • Replacement Parts
  • Treatment Plant Upgrades
  • Septic Tank Replacement
  • WTE Approved Contractors

Treatment Plant Contractors

Gar Construction are specialist Sewage Treatment Plant Contractors and Treatment Plant Service Engineers. Below are a selection of the Septic Tank and Sewage Treatment Plant Brands, Manufacturers whose equipment we support, maintain and repair.

  • Allerton
  • Apex
  • Biiodigester
  • BioKube
  • Bio Pure
  • Conder
  • Diamond
  • Matrix
  • Titan
  • Tricel
  • Vortex
  • WPL

Why do I need to Service my Sewage Treatment Plant?

By regularly servicing your treatment plant and system you can avoid common issues and problems. These include poor bacterial growth or an underperforming system, unchecked these problems could lead to more serious issues further down the line. Our engineers are able to test the efficiency of a system and identify potential sewage treatment plant problems before they occur. A common problem with older systems is submerged blowers, these can be adapted and the air blowers retrofitted to the outside of the system making them far more efficient. In our experience, the two most common problems with Sewage Treatment Plants are broken pumps and faulty air blowers.

With regular servicing and maintenance, we can prolong the life of your Sewage Treatment Plant and System.

Common Signs of a Faulty Treatment System

We get called out to a lot of sewage treatment plant problems, here is our list of the most common issues.

  • A bad smell or offensive odour
  • Damp wet patches on your lawn or garden
  • The tank is filling up faster tan usual
  • Odd noises and sounds coming from the system
  • Sewage pump or blower not switching on
  • The blower is running but not pumping air
  • Pump and blower stops and starts

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your sewage treatment plant or septic tank, please get in touch, we’re sure we can help!